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Lighting Consulting,
Survey & Design

Having a unique set of skills, techno-economic models and processes, we also offer lighting consultancy on fixed fee or hourly basis.  As our skills include project ownership from surveying to installation with guaranteed savings, we are used to carrying the risks and liabilities that this involves; making our consulting operation of the highest standard for our clients.

Design & Manufacture

We are commonly approached by clients to help them with lighting problems and the result typically includes a bespoke design, or unique size of light fitting.  Our in-house designers work with our production facility to meet the client's needs and to help solve their lighting problems. Our fittings can be produced and powder coated to suit most customer requirements, this allows for bespoke fittings in difficult areas.

Installation & Project Management

We offer a complete turn-key service from initial survey, through installation to performance testing and five year warranty, where we will free issue any faulty components to be replaced.  For longer projects, 15 to 25 years, we also offer scheduled lamp replacements for a continuation of the performance guarantee. 



The Ecolite team has been in the low energy lighting market since 1996, initially offering clients the technology change from T12 to high frequency T8 lighting.  Since then we have installed over 100,000 lights in guaranteed savings projects, with the largest projects being NHS Tayside installing over 21,000 new LED lights.

Primarily our projects have, and continue to be, in the NHS, from Aberdeen to Barnstaple we have guaranteed savings on over 40 sites.  Outside of the NHS we have also supplied and installed fittings for museums, universities, leisure centres, local authorities and historic buildings.

A unique capability to Ecolite is the ability to design, prototype and manufacture LED gear trays, allows us to convert existing T12, T8, T5 and PLL fittings with ZHAGA compliant Philips Fortimo components.

Following our own path we design, develop and manufacture most of our own light fittings, along with providing full project management and installation.  Combined with our design philosophy of direct lit lighting means that our LED lights are even more energy efficient than mass-market edge-lit fittings.



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We are pleased to announce that Ecolite has now become an OEM supplier of Enlighted technologies in the UK.  The world of lighting sensors has now progressed to the point where not only the light is controlled, but also it is an opportunity to gather human movement data, gain asset locations real-time and enable integration into Building Management System for energy optimisation.


Ecolite via Enlighted currently offer three main applications to process, interpret and visualise data gathered from its sensors.  Examples of each are shown below:


Where Application

Powered by the Enlighted Location data processing Engine, Where provides real-time location services (RTLS) for intelligent buildings owners. Where supports both physical and virtual (Android / iOS) Bluetooth tags that provide high precision location, anywhere within the Enlighted advanced sensor infrastructure. Utilising the reliable and accurate location of both assets and people, Where enables our customers to realise substantial benefits, taking their business to the next level.

Space Application

Our Space Application is designed to solve many challenges associated with use of your real estate and its impact on the cost of doing business and achieving ever harder to reach business goals. It allows customers to visualise and produce reports on the utilization of buildings. Several different visualisations are provided: Heat Maps, Motion Trails, Motion Animation, Time Series etc.  In addition, reports can be generated on arbitrary sections of real estate, measuring utilisation, occupancy, and vacancy.


Aire Application

The Enlighted Aire application saves energy by providing heating and cooling only when and where it is needed. Commercial building operators can now implement advanced reset strategies based on real-time building occupancy to maximise their investment in Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems with Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).  Aire enables facility managers to direct cooling or heating to where occupants are working, providing for a more comfortable environment while simultaneously saving energy.






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